Eco Funerals

In today’s world, there are a variety of creative, colourful and planet-friendly ways to plan a funeral service. That’s why we created an eco-friendly option that will honour and fulfil all your wishes, without taking away from the earth. 

Eco-friendly alternatives to embalming

Embalming was standard practice in the past, but is not always required today. The quality of our care facilities removes the necessity to embalm and reduces the chemicals used or released into the environment during a burial or cremation. We understand that these choices can be difficult to make. Please give us a call if you have any questions and we’ll gladly talk you through the process and what it might mean, so you can make the right choice.

Dressing and care

The person can be dressed using clothes made from natural fibres, and without shoes. Natural gowns or shrouds can also be used to reduce the environmental impact. We also have natural lotions and moisturisers which can be used to care for those in our care. Please give us a call if you have any questions and we’ll gladly talk you through the process.

Eco-friendly Coffin

Coffins made of natural materials such as pine, seagrass, willow, bamboo, banana leaf and cardboard are more natural alternatives to the traditional ones and will degrade naturally minimising impact on the environment.

Please click here to view our product options for natural coffins.

If you still prefer a traditional coffin, you may order it without decorative handles. Opting for a coffin with no plastic and lining it with natural material is another simple and efficient step to being kinder to the environment as well.


Eco-friendly Decorations

We can arrange with our florists to use bio-degradable oasis products, non- plastic wrappers and natural ribbons. We also ensure that frames are recycled where possible and message cards are made of recycled paper. 

Natural burials

For those seeking out a completely green funeral, a natural burial is one of our most environmentally friendly options. The purpose of a natural burial is focused on returning the deceased to a more natural environment, such as a meadow or woodland. There are several natural burial locations in the region and some cemeteries also offer a greener area where natural burials can take place – we can look into this in your local area for you.

It’s also important to note that natural burial sites often have strict criteria which must be met and which may stipulate the use of bio-degradable coffins, no embalming and the planting of trees or wildflowers. These are natural areas so sometimes they will not offer all the facilities of traditional cemeteries.

To find out more about natural burials – please take a look at the very informative Natural Death Centre website: or speak with one of our team

If you have any questions, please reach out to us on 01497 847410. We’d love to help you during this time and make the arrangements as easy and seamless as possible.

Package Details

Following is an example of our standard eco funeral package. Burial packages are available on request.

Funeral Director Fees
Premium £4199
Prestige £4599
Professional Services
Bringing the deceased into our care
Care and preparation of the deceased
Viewing and visiting the deceased
Carefully selected coffin from our range
Hearse and driver
Order of Service (50 copies)
Large Spray
Premium £4899
Prestige £5399
Crematorium Fee (Burial POA)
Minister / celebrant Fee
Doctor's Fee

Bespoke Funeral Packages

Can’t find the right funeral options? We also provide custom funeral packages that are tailored to your needs. Contact us today and we’ll help you arrange the perfect personalised package. Connect with us on 01497 847410

Price lists

One of our core values is integrity. We pride ourselves on clear and transparent pricing at every stage. See our full price list available here

Additional options

We have a large range of options that can either be combined to form your personalised funeral or can form an addition to one of our existing packages. 

Testimonial (1)

Ellie Eastham

Our Funeral Director was the ultimate professional from start to finish, from organising a candlelight vigil for our friend as so many wanted to pay their respects, to ensuring the day ran like clockwork despite the hundreds of mourners. Our family have used CC James Funerals several times over the years and Ella is the most approachable, kind, empathetic, nothing too much trouble kind of person you want to talk to on your darkest days.

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